Accounting Services


        Founded in 2014, S Y(Shenzhen)Financial Consulting limited headquartered in Shenzhen, aims to make it easier for people to get objective information about Chinese companies. Shunyi is an accounting, tax and business consulting company specializing in China.

        Great financial accounting services is by has the accountant from job seniority certificate or individual with bookkeeping agency license qualifications for all kinds of enterprises to provide comprehensive and professional tax service, solve the enterprise's financial, taxation, industry and commerce, annual inspection and other kinds of "incurable diseases", to effectively help enterprises to save time, effort, and money.Advantages of accounting services.

        1. Governmental examination and approval, professional and formal, timely and accurate tax declaration, guarantee economic responsibility, and free enterprises from worries

        2. can enjoy the professional team services of multiple accounting personnel, to avoid the single full-time accounting skills, affecting the quality of accounting

        3. to save costs, accounting personnel do not need to consider medical, social insurance and other issues

        4.Accounting personnel should have good moral character and level, be safe and confidential, and strictly keep customers' business secrets

        5.Clear responsibilities and can be investigated to avoid unnecessary economic losses caused by changes in accounting personnel

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