Taxation is the lifeblood of a company. How important is it to choose a formal tax finance company?


Taxation is the lifeblood of a company. How important is it to choose a formal tax finance company? Let’s take a look with SY(Shenzhen)  Financial Consulting Limited today!

Tax control requirements are becoming stricter

1. Long-term zero declarations will be included in key monitoring targets

Generally, companies think that as long as the company has no business, they can make zero declarations; some companies have business concealing income and make zero declarations. In fact, this is all wrong.

Companies that carry out zero declarations for a long time are very dangerous. Under normal circumstances, zero declarations for more than half a year will be recognized as "irregular households" by the tax authorities, and they may also be included in key monitoring targets. After two years, they will be locked up, or they will face a joint interview between the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the State Administration of Taxation.

2, the tax burden rate is not up to the standard will be regarded as abnormal tax payment

Tax burden is also very important for enterprises. It can neither be too high nor too low, because once the tax burden is not up to standard, it is possible for tax authorities to thoroughly investigate.

If the tax burden rate is too high, it means that more taxes need to be paid, which will increase the cost of the enterprise a lot. Once the tax burden rate drops from high to low, the tax bureau will pay attention to it and even conduct interviews.

3. Each person has a tax number, so the difficulty of tax avoidance has soared

Companies now have a tax number that will remain unchanged for life, and the same will be true for individuals in the future. At present, the taxpayer identification number of each enterprise is different, and the invoice issued by the enterprise or the invoice received can be clearly understood by the tax bureau through the system. The tax collection and management system will be very powerful!

Powerful Golden Tax Phase III System

The third phase of the golden tax system will rely on the power of a third party-financial management, land, housing and construction, public security, civil affairs, social security, transportation, business administration and other departments to check taxes.

It is precisely because of this that many business managers are fined by relevant departments because they do not understand financial and tax laws, and they will be exhausted and exhausted for handling business and tax-related matters.

Some companies did not file tax returns within the prescribed time limit;

Some companies do not strictly follow the tax law requirements for tax registration;

Some have suffered losses because they failed to file in accordance with the prescribed procedures and could not enjoy preferential tax reduction and exemption policies.

Through agency bookkeeping, this series of problems can be effectively solved and avoided. How to choose a formal agency bookkeeping company has become a matter worthy of consideration.

The formal profession is already the minimum standard for agency companies

1. Professional and economical

Find a formal agency that can enjoy professional fiscal and taxation services at a professional, low-cost, and high-quality, examine tax issues from all aspects of the enterprise, make correct analysis, and fundamentally provide a professional tax planning plan.

2. Tax declaration is timely and accurate

Professional agency bookkeeping company has symmetrical information and standardized time control, which can effectively avoid errors such as misreporting, underreporting, misreporting, and late reporting.

3, can guarantee the continuity of accounting work

Regular and professional agencies attach great importance to the stability of personnel, avoid the impact of the flow of company personnel on the connection of financial work, so as to provide better services.

4, strong confidentiality

Accounting companies are "third-party" organizations, usually legal entities that can independently assume legal responsibility, and are responsible for keeping the entity confidential.

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