Detailed process of Hong Kong company transfer


Hong Kong company stock transfer is also called Hong Kong company stock transfer or Hong Kong company stock transfer, simply said is Hong Kong company change shareholders. The reason why a Hong Kong company should transfer shares is generally because of the adjustment of business management or personnel changes after the registration of a Hong Kong company, the need to change the shareholders of a Hong Kong company. Generally, it involves two contents: one is the change of shareholder directors, the other is the change of stock transfer.

I. Information required for stock transfer

1. Provide the company name;

2. Provide the identity information of the old and new shareholders;

3. Amount of transferred shares.

Ii. Hong Kong Company Share reform Service Project

The fees for the conversion of Hong Kong company shares include the following services:

1. Review whether the articles of association impose any restrictions on the transfer of shares

2. Prepare minutes of board meetings for the transfer of shares in Hong Kong

3. Prepare share transfer documents, arrange share transfer documents to stamp office and pay stamp duty

Time: 5-7 working days

Iii. There are some notes for Hong Kong companies to transfer shares:

(1) the registered capital is too large, the transfer of stamp duty;

(2) If you do not want to operate the company, and the company name does not have a specific product name, it is easier to pass through the transfer;

(3) In case of increase or departure of internal shareholders/directors of the company, documents shall be presented to the bank after the transfer to inform the new shareholders/directors of the Bank