Registration of Chinese companies need to pay attention to the problem


Individual and industrial and commercial door and limited company distinction

1. Differences in liabilities: A limited company shall bear liabilities for the debts of the company with all its assets, and shareholders shall bear corresponding liabilities with their capital contributions.Individual industrial and commercial households shall assume unlimited liability for debts.

2 tax Differences:

The main differences are:

Self-employed people are generally tax authorities according to the size of its location the number of employees selling goods and so on to estimate your sales, and then give the tax.No matter the income of the month how much, have no income to want to press fixed duty amount to pay tax.

And limited company is to ask the enterprise must accounting is sound, want to have account book, pay tax also is the income that declares according to the enterprise oneself will pay tax, have income to hand in did not do not hand in.

The paid-in capital is different from the subscribed capital

The word subscription is widely used in the company law after the revision of the new company law.Before the company law was amended, it was very laborious to set up a company.Not only in the amount of registered capital there are requirements, in the form of capital and other aspects of the requirements.It used to be the paid-in capital contribution, but now it is the subscribed capital contribution, which is also one of the biggest reforms in the beginning.But what exactly is the actual payment and what is the subscription?

Before the company law changes in 2013.The registered capital of the establishment of the company is required, not only in the amount of the floor, but also in the form of strict requirements.Require contributive person to capital must be to go up actually pay, just can undertake registering to industrial and commercial bureau.After the new company law came into effect, the requirements for the establishment conditions of the company were greatly relaxed.

Only a few industry companies registered also require registered capital, and the form of capital.The minimum limit of registered capital of most industry companies is revoked, which is also the reason why we can establish a company with one yuan.And the form also is to must pay in full no longer but can explain oneself contributive how much first, can register a company.Subscription and paid-in are almost two opposite concepts.

Three. The company registered down to get those materials?

1. Original and duplicate of the business license;

2. Official seal, financial seal and legal person seal;

3. Articles of association

4. Other agreed materials

Four. The previous registration company was revoked, can register the new company?

No way, after be revoked, you meet the blacklist of industry and commerce and duty wu authority, duty wu must pay fine hind ability lift.Industry and commerce is lifted automatically 3 years commonly.

five. "Scope of Business" does not necessarily mean "actual scope of Business" or "Permissible Scope of business"

The scope of business of the company is not the same as its actual scope of business, not to say that the contents written within the scope of business in the license, the company can be engaged in, except for the national restrictions.Not to say that the company has enough qualifications can be engaged in all business scope, to see whether the enterprise has obtained the relevant administrative license or qualification certificate.