Chinese company bookkeeping agency content


Should know bookkeeping agency, mostly because in terms of China's financial work, relatively low start-up financial work, if it is to hire an accountant to specialise in accounting tax, would be a little lost, so many enterprises choose to take choose bookkeeping agency company to entrust their China company work. And in terms of the choice, if the choice of bookkeeping Chinese companies relatively need to spend less money. Then there are also a lot of friends estimated on the bookkeeping China company specific service for the enterprise what work is not very clear, so small make up here for you to introduce the bookkeeping China company specific service for the enterprise what content.

First, accounting services

1. Establish a tax accounting system for enterprises, and design a financial system for enterprises;
2. Provide statement analysis and other management suggestions for enterprises;
3, bookkeeping agent to make tax-related documents;
4. Act as agent or assist the enterprise in preparing cash flow statement;
5. Cooperate with accounting inspection;
6. Provide annual accounting books;
7. Remote assistance in invoicing;
8. Provide annual income tax calculation report;
9. Periodic delivery certificate;
10. Annual report;
11. Prepare monthly account books.

Second, tax services

1. Acting as agent for tax reduction and exemption, coordinating the relationship with tax authorities;
2. Act as an agent for the audit of the final settlement of enterprise income tax and apply for approval;
3, the agent enterprise property loss identification, the agent of the approval hand bookkeeping continued;
4. Handle the registration, alteration and cancellation procedures of industry and commerce and tax affairs;
5. Agency for export tax rebate business;
6. Agency declaration of RESEARCH and development fees;
7. Provide annual tax returns;
8. Assist in tax payment;
9. Fill in monthly tax statements.