How can bank accounts in Hong Kong be used so that they are not easily frozen?


With the IMPLEMENTATION of CRS and bi-polar policies, banks must also look at their customers. Although some overcorrect, but also helpless. As users of bank accounts in Hong Kong, China, we can only strengthen the maintenance of bank accounts, pay attention to all aspects of details, and try our best to avoid being included in the list of frozen or closed.

How to maintain the bank account in Hong Kong, China to maintain the normal use of the account, please pay attention to the following points:

1. Normal maintenance of Hong Kong, China

Timely carry out annual review, annual tax declaration and other annual maintenance work of Hong Kong, China company, and maintain the legal and compliance existence of Hong Kong, China Company.

2. Perform account audit normally

Conduct the audit work of Hong Kong, China company in a timely manner, and form the audit report of Hong Kong, China company required by Taiwan regulations. For Hong Kong, China company without audit report, get the monthly statement of the bank as soon as possible, complete relevant trade documents, and make up the audit report of previous years.

3. Cooperate with the bank to update the data

Timely update the information as required by the Bank of Hong Kong, China, including the personal information of shareholders and directors, the company's annual Taiwan regulations (the latest company registration certificate and business registration certificate, etc.).If the Bank of Hong Kong, China requires the submission of business-related certificates and audit reports, it shall submit them to the bank as soon as possible, so as not to be included in the risk account and cause the bank account of Hong Kong, China to be closed.

4. Funds in risk areas shall be carefully received and paid

Avoiding financial dealings with high-risk regions has become a cliche. However, due to the treacherous world politics, risk areas and countries are constantly changing. Therefore, it is important to keep in touch with professionals and keep up with current news, so as not to offend the safety bottom line of Hong Kong Banks without knowing it.

5. Keep a bank account

Maintain an active account and maintain a certain amount of balance in the bank account, and avoid business and financial transactions with high-risk countries. If a Hong Kong China company bank account is successfully opened but not used very often or even for a long time, such a Hong Kong China bank account has a high chance of being closed.

6. Real trade and complete documents

Customers who open corporate accounts with bank of Hong Kong, China have a Hong Kong, China company. How the Hong Kong, China company gets funds and where the funds go are the key points of the Bank of Hong Kong, China, because the flow of these funds is an important factor to judge the degree of risk of the account. Therefore, for the inflow and outflow of funds, it is necessary to keep true and valid documents for bank spot check.