[Shunyi Financial Express] Hong Kong visa service is coming strong


With people's living standard becoming higher and higher, individual traveling to Hong Kong has gradually entered the life of the working class, and the business opportunities brought by this have also prompted the world's major companies and enterprises to set up offices or other business organizations in Hong Kong, which inevitably requires frequent trips to Hong Kong and Macao.

So we often get the question:

"I have business activities in Hong Kong or Macau, and I travel between Hong Kong and Macau almost every week. Can your company help me solve this problem?"

"I am an Indian multinational company, and I need to develop the Hong Kong market. I have a lot of business to do in Hong Kong in the next few years, and occasionally I need to live in Hong Kong for a long time. Although the passport is visa-free in Hong Kong, the visa-free time is only 14 days each time.

"I have something to come to Hong Kong, but our national passport is not visa-free Hong Kong, quite anxious!"

All the above problems will be handed over to Shunyi finance. Shunyi finance has launched three Hong Kong visa services in one go: Hong Kong and Macao business endorsement, Hong Kong tourist pass, Hong Kong tourism, Hong Kong transit visa, in order to solve the customer business test, travel, short-term landing and even short-term residence and other needs.

It should be noted that:

Hong Kong and Macau business endorsement is mainly for mainland customers;

Hong Kong Travel Pass mainly serves foreigners with visa-free Hong Kong passport.

Hong Kong tourist _ transit visa is for foreign nationals without a visa-free Hong Kong passport;

For frequent trips to and from Hong Kong and Macao, please apply for business endorsement.

Mainland customers both companies to carry out the business requirements, and individual men and women friends in Hong Kong and Macao regions, as long as have a need to frequently between Hong Kong and Macao regions, is recommended for Hong Kong and Macao business visa, deal with simple conditions, only the applicant company legal tax and meet the requirements of registered immigration annual tax, and the applicant in the company pay social security more than six months (except legal person) can apply for valid for three months or a year many times from Hong Kong and Macao commercial endorsements.

The visa-free period for a foreign passport is too short for resident in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Travel Pass is more suitable for you.If you have a visa-free Hong Kong passport, but the visa-free duration does not exceed 30 days, you can extend your stay in Hong Kong to two months by applying for a Hong Kong Travel pass.

The shorter the color, the shorter the visa-free duration in Hong Kong (see: 180 days in the UK, 14 days in India)

Business or personal matters need to be handled in person in Hong Kong, passport is not visa-free Hong Kong?Although more than 100 countries around the world have realized the visa-free access to Hong Kong, but there are still many countries to Come to Hong Kong or need to apply for a visa (see the gray part in the figure above), Hong Kong tourist transit visa to meet your various short-term landing in Hong Kong needs!

Shunyi financial abroad focus on customer needs, and constantly develop new service content in Hong Kong, the financial Hong Kong shunyi in business has covered the pioneering move, move, study abroad, visa services, shunyi financial Hong Kong also provide married Hong Kong registered company, Hong Kong, the Hong Kong bank account and so on a series of follow-up service, to ensure that your work can quickly into the new living environment in Hong Kong.