How do foreigners/enterprises set up a company in Shenzhen, China?What does it take?


With the rapid development of China's economy, China has attracted the attention of investors all over the world. Many foreign enterprises have chosen to invest in China one after another. However, the only way to do trade and investment in China is to register foreign-funded enterprises, register Sino-foreign joint ventures and representative offices in partnership with Chinese people.These, what we want to talk about today is to set up foreign-capital enterprise to need what condition!

ocuments must be signed (signature and seal) for company registration consultation in Shenzhen:

1, Notice of name pre-approval;

2, Application for the establishment of the foreign-capital enterprise;Articles of association of the foreign-capital company;

3, Power of attorney of the executive director or chairman of the board of directors of the foreign-funded enterprise, power of attorney of legal service documents;

4, Letter of Appointment, list of board members, resolution of shareholders meeting, letter of appointment of manager, letter of appointment of supervisor and letter of appointment of executive director;

5, Feasibility Report(Can be written by our company)

6, Joint investment cooperation contract (two foreigners or more than two companies investment, need to provide)

7, Catalogue of import and export commodities (to be provided by trading companies)

Registered foreign companies need to fill in the registration application form to determine the following information

1, the company's nuclear name, generally prepare 2-3 company names, to prevent duplication or can not be used!

2. Determine the industry category and business scope of the company, such as trade, trade, technology and so on.Business scope we according to your industry collation.

3, registered company address: in Shenzhen registered company must provide a Shenzhen address to be able to register the company, need to provide the original property card or housing rental certificate of Shenzhen City!If not, we can provide a solution.

4, the registered capital of the company: registered capital of foreign enterprises in Shenzhen can fill hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of registered capital is now subscription system, do not need the actual investment in place, can never reach the capital, registered capital can be RMB, US dollar, Hong Kong dollar and other currencies reflected in the business license.

If Hong Kong enterprises to invest in China is to provide Hong Kong company notarial certificate.

If it is a foreign company, the company's main body information shall be notarized by the local notary office and certified by the local embassy (consulate) of China.The notarization content should include: company name, company registration number and company registered address.

Hong Kong companies and foreign companies do under the premise of shareholders, legal person and shareholders can not need to be present, after obtaining a notarial certificate, with a registered foreign company in Shenzhen can be, is also very convenient.

If it is a foreign natural person, you need a foreign natural person shareholders to Shenzhen Administration Bureau to sign a face to face, if I can not come over, you can find your own country's law firm to do a personal notarial, and by the local [make (get) the library certification, provide a notarial can also come to register foreign companies.